3.24 Scanifly Product Release Notes

Scanifly Design

  • Responsive Layers Tree
    • When clicking on a segment in the 3D scene, the layers menu on the left will now scroll to the correct segment and automatically expand

    • The layers menu now only allows one segment's layers to be open at once. It automatically collapses that segment when another segment is selected.

    • Added a toggle to automatically sort segments by the module count
  • Irradiance Map Hotkey
    • Irradiance Map can now be toggled on an off with the I key 
  • X-Ray Mode
    • When turned on (by default): outlines, keepouts, viewsheds and segment labels will be visible through roof segments and walls.

    • When turned off: outlines and keepouts will not be visible through roof segments/walls. Viewsheds and segment labels will STILL show through roof segments.
    • In Remote designs, when Xray mode is turned off, the walls of the house will now be solid gray instead of transparent.