8.23 Scanifly Product Release Notes

Scanifly Design Updates:

Max # of Design's Increased

  • Projects can now have up to 10 designs (previously limited to 2) 

Sketching Improvements

  • Improved plane definition
  • Improved snapping while outlining
  • Improved snapping while editing
  • Improved azimuth selection process
  • Added snapping guides and mark up
  • Show angles and measurements while sketching roof segments

Project Info updates

  • Added ‘Update All’ button to sync system parameter and losses updates to all segments
  • Added roof area and roof coverage %
  • Updated Array Type to dynamically change based on the array type used when placing your modules

Keepout Improvements 

Watch this product update webinar to learn more about our new AI Keepouts!

Selectable keepouts

  • Click on a keepout to select it
  • Ctrl + Click on another keepout to select it as well
  • Ctrl + A while in the keepouts tab on an active segment to select all the keepouts on that segment
  • Update to the Keepout pane to add check boxes allowing you to select all, none, or multiple keepouts at once
Deletable keepouts
  • When a keepout is selected, use Del to delete it
  • When a keepout is selected, use the Delete button in the Keepout pane to delete it.
  • This also works when multiple keepouts are selected
Scalable keepouts
  • When a keepout is selected, use + or - to scale the keepout size up and down while keeping it’s placement in the 3D scene
  • When a keepout is selected, use the Scale Up and Scale Down buttons in the Keepout pane to scale them up or down
  • This also works when multiple keepouts are selected
Movable keepouts
  • When a keepout is selected, use the arrow keys to ‘nudge’ it slightly in one direction
  • When a keepout is selected, click and drag on it to freely move it around the roof segment

Upgrade to PVWatts Version 8

  • Added Albedo and Bifacial inputs to system parameters

Export Improvements 

  • Project Info CSV
    • This includes most of the data in the Project Info sections. We also added a roof coverage % and a production ratio number to this, which we will be adding to the UI in S3D in the future as well.
  • DXF Combined Report
    • This contains the 2D wireframe (in perspective) and the individual segments (in parallel projection).Removed previous DXF Parallel Projection All Segments export and replaced it with an updated layout for the segments so it is more useful
  • Rotated the Parallel Projection segment exports so the azimuth is perfectly horizontal/the segments are better aligned
  • Add project info CSV + missing DXF to API
  • Only export 2D (bottom line) of keepouts for most DXF exports except 3D wireframe
  • Filter out trees from parallel proj DXF downloads
  • Standardize file naming for all exports
  • Changed DXF file export colors to be seen easier in CAD

Misc. Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix for ground mounts sometimes “floating” in space
  • Imported models that are deleted can still be drawn on when creating an outline
  • Fix for Entering pick new azimuth mode followed by undo can cause errors
  • Fixed PVWatts azimuth of 360 issue
  • Add back hover tip to azimuth and tilt
  • Handle launch darkly initialization failures
  • Fixed missing camera reference causing some 3D model crashes
  • Improve orthographic projection camera
  • Scene object scaling in orthographic mode
  • Switching between orthographic and perspective cameras causes...
  • Fixed cell temp average calculation in Production CSV
  • Per module viewshed count won't return to 1
  • Automatic viewshed density doesn't persist from one use to the next
  • Updated date format for shade tool
  • Shift key causes text to clear from email field in Share Tool

Scanifly Mobile Updates:

Notification Center

  • Stay up to date with notifications of comments and mentions right within Scanifly

In-field Text Support

  • You can now text our Support team for help. Start a conversation from the More tab. 

Misc Fixes and Improvements

  • Option to save photos and videos captured within the app to your Photo library 
  • Fixed a bug to support .HEIC images
  • Improved upload error handling and various other improvements to the upload process 
  • Image carousel support for rotating images
  • Image carousel support for sharing images