Before you Fly!

Flying a drone can be easy.....if you plan ahead.

Remember to plan your flight ahead. Upon flying your drone consider the Airspace classification, weather and environmental conditions, and any site specific conditions that may adjust your flight.

1. Identify the Airspace

Take a look at our Understanding Airspace page or our LAANC airspace approval in the USA if you need to get approval to fly in a particular airspace.

2. Check the weather

Will it be raining or snowing? Will there be high winds? Will it be very hot or very cold? Check out out Weather and Environmental considerations page for more details on how to properly prepare for any weather conditions you may encounter.

3. Special Considerations

Are there any hazards on site that the drone or you will need to avoid? Do you have a safe take-off and landing location? Read through our Special Site Considerations page to learn more.