Can I use Scanifly when there is snow?

Every shot matters when shooting in snow, since it is more difficult to work with due to the fact that it is typically bright and results in a photo that is too "blown out" or too bright to be useful in reconstruction.

Yes, you can!

- Scanifly works using a process call photogrammetry. What is Photogrammetry?

- Photogrammetry does a really good job with stationary objects that have some detail and are not reflective or transparent.

What does that even mean?!

Photogrammetry is how you take 2D photos and turn them into 3D models. It uses advanced mathematics to understand how the photos are connected and recreates the scene that was originally photographed.

Aerial Photogrammetry

In aerial photogrammetry, a camera is mounted on an aircraft. Throughout history it was common to mount cameras on all forms of aircraft but more recently the invention of drones has made aerial Photogrammetry much more common and accessible.

Terrestrial Photogrammetry

In terrestrial photogrammetry the camera is handheld / on a tripod on the ground. A common use for Terrestrial photogrammetry is in historical preservation of artifacts. Instead of having to fly around the subject, you can just rotate the subject itself. Terrestrial photogrammetry can also typically be used in conjunction with Aerial photogrammetry, in order to fill in areas that were not captured with Aerial photogrammetry.