Creating Keepouts

Keepouts are used to prevent modules from filling in certain sections of a roof Outline. Keepouts can be used for roof obstructions, fire setbacks and other applications that require module-free areas.

Creating Keepouts Manually

manual keepout

Keepouts can be accessed in the Keepouts menu of the Segment that you are working on. 

There are currently 5 different types of keepouts
  • Line Keepouts
  • Poly Keepouts
  • Circle Keepouts
  • Box Keepouts
  • Fire Setback Keepouts

For Fire Setback keepouts, you do not need to draw the outline on the roof. The text boxes that appear in the Scanifly 3D window can be filled in for custom setback measurements for each roof edge.

fire setbacks-1

Shortcut Hotkeys - Keepouts

After placing one keepout manually, you can access the shortcut hotkeys to get a keepout to your mouse automatically instead of clicking back on the corresponding shape over and over.

Box - B (when adjusting the box keepout, tap shift to swap between a perfect square keepout, and a more customizable rectangle keepout)

Circle - C

Poly - P

Line - L

You can also set a Height, Setback and Radius to further customize the keepout after drawing it on the roof segment outline of your choice.

keepout info

Creating Keepouts Automatically

automatic keepout

Keepouts generated using the automatic method will be parallel to the ridge and/or eave. Please check your tilt and azimuth before generating your keepouts.

In order to use the automatic keepout function, you must select "Automatic" in the keepouts section of the segment outline that you are working on. Once you have selected the Automatic option, you will be given the option to set a Plane offset. Adjust the plane offset so that ONLY roof obstructions are showing through the blue layer on the roof, and that there are no portions of the roof sticking through.

Use the direction arrows on your keyboard or the arrows in the Plane offset section of the Scanifly 3D window in order to adjust the plane offset until it is at the correct height for your obstructions.

After adjusting the plane offset to the desired height, hit Generate to automatically generate keepouts.

You can accept them or discard them and start over. If you would like to accept the keepouts, click "Accept All", otherwise click "Clear All".

If you decide that you would like to delete all of your keepouts after accepting them, you have the option to "Delete All" in the keepouts menu as well.