Delete Module After Dynamic Array Placement


When you toggle from manual mode BACK to dynamic mode, you will revert all work done in manual mode. Make sure that things like array azimuth, height, and the segment plane are good to go before switching to manual mode.

Step by Step

  1. To choose the array you wish to alter, click on the segment in the design space, it will bring you straight to the array section of the segment.
  2. Toggle the array builder mode to Manual.
  3. Select the module or modules that you would like to delete by clicking on each one or by clicking and dragging over multiple.
  4. On the left-hand navigation under Array Tools, you will now be presented with the option to delete the selected module or modules.
  5. Click Delete, or use the delete key on your keyboard.
    manual select and delete
  6. Click the save button at the top to save your work.