DJI GEO Zone Unlocking

Steps for Submitting a GEO Zone Unlocking Request

Internet Connection For Your Controller Will Be Required

In order to fully complete these steps below and be ready to fly, you will need to connect your control to the internet, so it can sync up to the license you're provided.

1. Navigate to Fly Safe and Login to Your DJI Account

Login to your DJI Account

2. Unlock A Zone

Scroll down the page and click “UNLOCK A ZONE”

Unlock a GEO Zone

Unlock a GEO Zone

3. Click "Authentication Application"Authentication Application

4. User Center

If you have not requested an Unlock Request using the previous workflow, you will be redirected to the User Center to fill out information required for the Unlock Request.

User Center

For Drone Program Managers, creating an Organization account is the recommended option.

DJI FlySafe Background Certification Section-1

Fill in your basic information.


Attach the required file. 

Upload a letter stating that drones are being used for commercial purposes on official letterhead and including a signature or official seal
The attachment should be no larger than 5 MB and in one of the following formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .pdf

Scanifly Example:


5. Complete Set Up and Proceed to Unlock Request

Once you fill out the Background certification, Device Management and Pilot Management sections, you will then be able to navigate back to the Unlock Request section by clicking on “Unlock Request” on the top navigation bar.

Unlock Request

6. New Unlock Request

On the Unlock Request page, click the “New Unlock Request” button. You can also review the status of any existing requests on this page as well.

New Unlock Request

New Unlock Request


7. Unlocking Notice

You will then be presented with an Unlocking Request Notice that you must agree to in order to continue.

Unlocking Notice

Unlocking Notice


8. Select Custom Unlocking OR Zone Unlocking

You will now need to select the type of Unlocking Request you would like to make. You can choose Custom Unlocking, which will allow you to draw the area you want to unlock on the map. Or, you can choose Zone Unlocking, which you can then choose an area from the GEO Zone map. Zone Unlocking is probably the most straightforward if you don’t know the exact parameters of your flight.

Customer vs Zone Unlocking

Customer vs Zone Unlocking


9. Zone Unlocking

The User making the request will have their information populated, then they will need to select the device and pilot that the request is for.

Zone Unlocking

Zone Unlocking

10. Select GEO Zone

Next, you will click on the map to select the zone(s) you would like to unlock.

Select GEO Zone

Select GEO Zone

11. Additional Application Info

Select the Time Range for the flight(s) and provide an Unlocking Application Reason.Time Range & Reason

Time Range & Reason

 12. Review Status

You will then be redirected back to the Unlock Request page to view the status of your request.

Unlocking Request Status

Unlocking Request Status


 13. Applying Your License to DJI Flight App

Last, you should receive a confirmation email, then it is time to navigate to your controller and DJI Flight App (DJI Go 4, DJI FLY, etc.) to complete the unlocking process. For steps on unlocking via your particular DJI Flight App, please go here.