How to register your drone

Register your drone with the FAA

It only takes 5 minutes and costs $5/Drone!

Under the FAA Part 107 Drones must be registered prior to operating for commercial purposes in the United States. If you have not registered, you can do so here.

[FAA DroneZone](

FAA DroneZone

If you do not have an FAA account, please make one, login and click “Manage sUAS Inventory”.

FAA Dronezone

Next, add in the specific information about your drone:

  • Homemade/Purchased
  • Nickname
  • Manufacturer
  • Model #
  • Serial #

Then pay the $5.00 fee that the FAA requires for registering the drone.

FAA DronezoneFAA Dronezone

Finally, before flying your drone add the registration number directly to the aircraft. This is commonly done with a permanent marker or a label maker.FAA Registration number on hull of DJI Mavic Pro

FAA Registration number on hull of DJI Mavic Pro