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Importing 3D Models from Outside of Scanifly

Import additional 3D models into Scanifly


Importing 3D Models From AutoCAD

Scanifly works best with 3D models from SketchUp. If you do not have access to SketchUp, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you on a solution.

Simple Models Work Best

When it comes to importing 3D models, please try not to overcomplicate your design. It is best to use basic geometry. Additionally, it is best to use basic colors instead of textures.


Steps to Import a 3D Model From SketchUp into Scanifly:
Once you have your 3D Model in SketchUp ready, follow the steps below.
1. Save the units of the file in decimal - meters
2. Export the model as an .OBJ, set the units to feet
3. Import into Scanifly as a zipped file - see images below