Irradiance Map

The Irradiance Map overlays a gradient on each segment, showing ASA or TSRF values. It follows the same color scheme as viewsheds, automatically recalculating with scene changes.


Note: In order to generate kWh production numbers you will still need to generated viewsheds. The Irradiance map is just a visual reference layer at this time.

Where can I see the Irradiance Map?

The irradiance map is currently exclusive to our Prelim environment. To turn the overlay on or off, simply locate the toggle in the bottom right corner of the 3D scene. It is conveniently situated next to the units of measurement, parallel/perspective view, and map source/location options.

The Hotkey for the Irradiance Map is "i".

irradiance in prelim

How to use the Irradiance Map

irradiance map reading

First, toggle on the Irradiance map by opening the layer in the lower right corner of the S3D window. 

NOTE: The first time you load the Irradiance map for a scene you will have to wait for the Irradiance map to calculate which can take a few seconds depending on scene complexity

Once the irradiance map is calculated, you can visualize which roofs have the most solar potential, based on their appearance, or by hovering your mouse over the roof surfaces and looking at the numbers within the key on the bottom right. 

We recommend using the TSRF for a more inclusive visualization that includes losses from both shading and tilt and orientation. For more information on ASA & TSRF please see this support page:

Updates to the Irradiance Map

While the layer is toggled on, the irradiance map recalculates whenever you make edits to the following:

  • Adjustments to the segment or keepouts
  • Adding or removing import models & removing modules

We recommend turning on the irradiance map once you have fully built out a project site in order to limit the number of times it has to recalculate.