June 27th 2023 Scanifly Product Release Notes

*NEW* Design Services:

Order a design, directly from Scanifly!

*NEW* Checklists:

Organized, on-site data capture forms for Scanifly Mobile

Scanifly Mobile Updates: v1.63.4

  • Link to Apple App Store
  • Update to Checklists
  • Fixed Crash on Creating a new project
  • "First in, first out (FIFO) uploading with projects upload

Scanifly Design Updates: 

Snapping guides while dragging a line after outline completion
  • All snapping options and markup will show only in reference to the current segment
Plane Offset UI/UX face lift:
  • The tool plane offset was moved out of the automatic tab and instead of a slider/number ticker, you now drag an arrow in the 3D scene to change the depth of the plane offset.
  • More exciting updates to come soon to improve auto keep-out generation!