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How do I upload my Scanifly images using the app?

The best way to upload your drone images is by using an SD to MicroSD adapter for your phone as well as a lightning port to SD card reader. In the field, once you have taken your Scanifly drone images, remove the microSD card from your drone, place it within the microSD to SD adapter, place the adapter in the lightning port to SD card reader, and open up the Scanifly app.


Experiencing Issues with Uploading? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

Upload a project using the mobile app

Uploading from mobile is very similar to uploading from the Scanifly web interface. If you are familiar with that process, uploading from mobile will be a breeze.

Step 1: Creating the Draft Project

  1. Tap the blue plus icon above "New Project"

  2. In Customer info, fill in the fields you can.  In order to upload you will only need a project name and address

  3. By tapping "Select Location" the address closest to your GPS location will be automatically brought up

    1. If this address is incorrect, you can manually enter the correct address

  4. Select "Save Project" and the project will be created

  5. Tap the "Designs" menu and select "New Design"

    1. This page is also reachable by going to the "Site Data"  menu and then selecting "Drone Images"

    2. At this point, make sure that you have connected your mobile device to the microSD card containing the drone images

  6. Select from Documents/Files

    1. Make sure you do not "Select from Library". The drone photos should go from your microSD card, to your phone where they are cached briefly in the system data, to Scanifly.  You should never have your drone photos saved to your phone, as it would take up too much space

  7. Once you are at the "Browse" menu with Locations, Favorites, and Tags, select the correct Location of the image files.  For me the location is called "Untitled", but you should be able to determine which location is correct through process of elimination

  8. Once you have the correct folder open and can see the images, tap the blue circle with the 3 dots in it at the top right, and choose "Select"

  9. At this point, you can either tap each image individually that you would like to upload, tap one image and then drag while scrolling to add images much more quickly, or tap "Select All" in the top left corner to grab every image in the folder
  10. Once you have the desired images selected, tap "Open".  This will lead you to a loading screen while the files import and the location data is parsed
  11. When this loading stage is done, you will see your geolocated images on a map with a bounding box

  12. Rotate and adjust the box as you see fit, and tap the blue checkmark at the bottom right when you are ready to upload the images to Scanifly
    1. When adjusting the sides of the bounding box, take it slow! They are very accurate, but move a bit behind your movement speed

Distant Photos Review

If you accidentally upload an image that is greater than one mile from the Project Address, you will be given the option to delete these images. Drone images this distance from the Project Site could potentially cause an error if not deleted.


Cached Data

When uploading drone images to Scanifly using the mobile app, the images are cached on your device for a short period of time.

  • This is done as a safety mechanism to store your images while also allowing you to complete other parts of your site survey without needing your adapter plugged into your phone
  • If you receive a disk space error message, this means that you do not have enough memory on your device to cache the drone images for uploading. In order to correct this, we provide you with an estimate of the amount of disk space that will have to be available for uploading the project that you are receiving the error message for. This may require you to remove stored text messages, photos, videos, app data, or deleting/redownloading the Scanifly Mobile App to clear enough memory for uploading
  • Once the screen below disappears, then all drone images have been cached and the SD adapter can be removed

Have any questions?

We are interested in your questions and feedback. Please reach out to us through our chat portal on portal.scanifly.com or by emailing hello@scanifly.com