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Mobile Upload Stuck?

Look over the list below to help determine what might be holding up your mobile drone image upload.

  1. Does your uploading device meet our requirements?
  2. Do you have the latest version of the Scanifly Mobile App?
  3. What is your upload speed? Run an upload speed test here: fast.com.
    • 20 Mbps upload → 150 12MP Photos in ~20 Minutes.
    • 100 Mbps Upload → 150 12MP Photos in ~5 Minutes.
  4. Do you have sufficient RAM (memory)? Close any other non-essential apps in order to free up bandwidth for your upload.
    1. Apple Support Article on how you can do this.
  5. Do you have enough free storage space? 
    • iPhone settings > General > iPhone Storage. Apple Support Article with images.
    • Delete and reinstall any oversized apps that sometimes cache images, such as drone flight apps and Scanifly Mobile.
    • Keep at least 5GB of free storage for mobile uploads, as Apple reserves storage for their own uses, resulting in less free space than shown in settings.
  6. Make sure the app is left running and the device does not fall asleep
  7. If you make all possible changes and are still experiencing a stuck upload, please reach out to our support team by texting "START" to