Project Fee Notification

A subscription alert system

Solar companies are busy! Details can be forgotten. Our Project Fee Notification is here to help keep everyone on the same page.

When a company signs with Scanifly, a subscription of project types is determined. Scanifly then tracks these projects. When a subscription's project type has been exceeded or a project type outside of a subscription has been selected, then an extra fee will be applied to that month's invoice.


Our purpose is to not prevent you from uploading projects with sizes outside of your existing subscription with us. We believe our customers can make their own choices and sometimes ad hoc projects arise. We simply want to provide notification to our users when extra fees will be applied based on these projects, so that you aren't caught off guard when your monthly invoice arrives.

After selecting your project type and adjusting your bounding box, you will see one of the two alerts next to the Upload Project button. See below.

Success Notification


Caution Notification


If you see the "Caution: Extra Free" notification, then you should should make one of the following choices:

  1. Select a different project type, so that the caution alert goes away, and you become in spec with your existing subscription.
  2. Observe the extra fee alert, hover of the question mark for extra fee information, and proceed knowing you will be billed this extra amount on your next monthly invoice.

Subscription Details

If you're unsure about your subscription details feel free to reach out to us via chat or email.