Determine angle of a surface

1. Locate the protractor tool in the menu on the right side of the Scanifly window

If you need to reset the protractor tool...

Use the ESC key to exit the tool.

2. Left click  to place an anchor point for the protractor

A good anchor point is typically a ridge, eave or a spot on a roof surface where you can easily place the tool to go perpendicular to the tilt of the roof.

Left click on the node of the ridge.

3. Left click to place your second anchor point

Move the line so it is parallel with the ridge/perpendicular to the roof pitch then right click.

4. Left click at the 90 degree point to set your level

Left click at the 90 offset point.

5. Use your mouse to go up/down see the tilt angle of the roof surface you are measuring

You want to make sure that you are careful to notice when the blue line fades into the roof. You want to go just above that point to get the most accurate roof pitch measurement using the protractor tool.

Tilt angle value.

Helpful Tip

For roof planes with no ridge, you can also measure the tilt using the eave.