Recommended Thermal Drones

All of the thermal drones listed here are capable for daily use in inspection and service work in the Solar industry.


When choosing a thermal drone for Scanifly, it is important to consider your budget, your needs, and the type of work you will use it for. If you are unsure which drone is right for you, please contact Scanifly for support.


Budget is a major factor in selecting a thermal drone. The sensors and drones are all very capable in this price range. The more expensive drones typically have waterproofing and more capable RGB (traditional) cameras.

If your budget is less than $5k, the Autel EVO II Pro 640T is the only recommended option. But don't mistake its lower price for limited capabilities. It is a powerful thermal drone with a 640x512 resolution sensor and a 16MP visible camera. It also has a long flight time of up to 30+ minutes and a range of up to 9km. 

If your budget is more than $5k, you have more options to choose from. The DJI Mavic 3 Thermal is an excellent choice for a lightweight, portable drone with a high-quality camera. It has a 4/3 CMOS sensor, a 12MP telephoto camera, and a thermal camera with a resolution of 640x512.

If your budget is significantly more than $5k, the DJI M30T is a popular choice for commercial and utility-scale maintenance. It has a dual thermal camera with a resolution of 640x512 and a visible camera with a resolution of 48MP. It also has a long flight time of up to 55 minutes and a range of up to 15km. The Autel EVO Max is a comparable choice here as well in terms of functionality and cost.