Scanifly3D Settings (Global settings)

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What are Scanifly3D Settings?

  • Customize your System settings and Losses for the default for each project. Now when you create a project you will have the specific Settings and Losses that you would like, without having to adjust them for every project.
  • You can add multiple Presets for different design scenarios. 
    • EX: One set of losses for ground mounts and one for roof mounted with microinverters
  • You can then access your presets in your design, under the Project Info > Segment # that you are trying to adjust.

Accessing your Scanifly3D Settings 

Home Page > Settings > Scanifly3D Settings

Creating a new preset:

  • In order to create a new preset, hover over the "+" Symbol next to the "New Preset" text. 
  • The + sign will change to "+ Add", select that option with your cursor.
  • Now, click the 3 dots above and rename your Preset as you would like.

Other preset actions:

  • Set as Default ☆ - By setting a preset as default, this ensures that projects created in Scanifly will use this preset by default.
  • Duplicate - Easily make a copy of your existing preset. This can be useful if you have two similar custom presets and want to save time on creation.
  • Delete - This deletes the preset. Caution: presets that have been deleted can not be recovered.

Example Preset Design Scenario:

Here is a PV watts article on "Modeling Microinverters and DC Power Optimizers in PVWatts" as an example on potential loss adjustements that could be made and set as a new preset in Scanifly.