Scanifly Hotkeys

Hotkeys simplify and accelerate the design workflow within Scanifly.


Each hotkey listed below is currently an action that you can do within the software by clicking a button in the software with your mouse.  By knowing when and where you can use the hotkeys, you can design projects much faster. If at any point you are unsure if there is a hotkey associated with a button you are using, hover over the button and the button description will show the hotkey if it exists.

Hotkeys differ between Mac and PC.  If you are on PC, replace all instances of Ctrl with Cmd.

Global Commands

Undo - Ctrl (Cmd) + Z

Redo - PC: Ctrl  + Y, MAC: Cmd + Shift + Z

Save - Ctrl (Cmd) + S

Cancel current action - ESC

Disable ALL snapping - Hold Shift

Viewing the model without any menus open

New Roof Segment - N

Prelim Segment Creation

Set Segment Height - H

Set Segment Tilt - T/P

Mirror Mode - M

Close Segment - Enter

In the Keepout Menu

Create Line Keepout - L

Create Circle Keepout - C

Create Polygon Keepout - P

Create Rectangle Keepout - B (pressing shift allows you to toggle between a rectangle keepout and a perfect square keepout)

Create Fire Setback - S (once you have entered your first setback field value, press tab to quickly go to the next setback field)

AI Detection - D

3D Detection - F

Select multiple keepouts - Ctrl + Click

Select all keepouts on the ACTIVE segment - Ctrl + A

Deselect all selected keepouts - Ctrl + Shift + A

Select all keepouts on ACTIVE segment - Ctrl + A

'Nudge' a keepout or the 3D detection offset in a direction - Arrow Keys

Scale up any selected keepouts - + (plus)

Scale down any selected keepouts - - (minus)

Delete any selected keepouts - Delete

In the Shade Menu

Place manual viewshed - N

In the Array Menu

Select all Modules - Ctrl (Cmd) + A

De-select all Modules - Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + A

Invert Selection - Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + I

Move selected modules in Manual Mode - M

Copy Selected modules in Manual Mode - Ctrl (Cmd) + C

Place module in Manual Mode - N

Delete selected modules in manual mode or entire array in Dynamic mode - Delete

Fill modules when none are present in the segment - F

For the ACTIVE segment

Open the segment pane - 0

Open the outlines pane - 1

Open the keepouts pane - 2

Open the shade pane - 3

Open the arrays pane - 4

Delete the segment - Delete


Any questions about how to use the hotkeys listed above? Want to give us some ideas for other hotkeys to add that would improve your workflow? Write into our chat box on the bottom right corner of your design, or send us an email at