9.23 Scanifly Product Release Notes

Scanifly Design Updates:

  • Auto Keepouts are now live
    • AI & 3D Keepouts for Small projects, 3D Keepouts for Large projects
  • Auto refreshing viewsheds! Viewsheds will automatically refresh themselves when:
    1. An imported model is placed, adjusted, or removed

    2. An Occluder is placed, adjusted, or removed

    3. The location is adjusted

    4. The weather station is changed

  • Editable Checklists are now live
  • Reference Layers section in the Layers Menu! Layers you can choose from include:
    • Map - Includes options for alternate map providers in the Map pane or in the Map options dropdown in the bottom right of the 3D scene
      • Available map options: Google, Bing, and Mapbox
    • Add Layer - You can now upload a jpg or png as a reference layer on top of the map tile
  • Weather Station is now adjustable
    • From the ‘Shade Tool’ in the accordion menu, you can select a different weather station from the dropdown menu. The options are only TMY3 weather stations at this time.
  • Parallel/Perspective toggle and Measurement Units toggle moved to bottom right of 3D scene

  • Progress bar/status bar UI refresh
    • The progress and status bars at the bottom of the 3D scene have been combined and made more compact in the bottom left corner of the 3D scene. The green loading bar will now occur across the top of the status bar.