Special Site Considerations

Every site is different!

Things to remember:

  • Do you have a safe take-off and landing location? Do you need to mark it or block it off in any way?
  • Are there any specific shading areas or structures (groups of trees, water tower, etc..) that you may want to capture while you are on site?
  • What is the size and shape of the structure or area that you need to capture? Is there anything you need to adjust to capture differently?
  • Are there any hazards on site? Is it an active construction zone?
  • Are there animals or children that are nearby and need to be watched out for?
  • What are the surfaces on site that need to be captured? Do they have any particular challenges to capture? (shiny, bright, white surfaces are more difficult to capture with photogrammetry if you are not using the right settings for the site.)


❗️Don't get too comfortable!

Flying a drone is really easy when you get used to it. Just make sure you do not develop a bad routine of not thinking about the drone flight and operations. Every flight is different and an accident can happen at any time! Planning ahead and treating each flight with respect will ensure that you have a successful flight.