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System Requirements

System requirements for Scanifly's web-based software.

❗Firewalls and Ad Blockers

Please ensure that email firewalls are set to allow traffic from scanifly.com and that web browser ad blockers also allow usage by scanifly.com. Doing so will ensure you receive emails and invitations from us, and it will help improve website performance.

Can I run Scanifly on any computer or Mac?

Scanifly CANNOT run on every machine. It can be run on both PCs and MACs. We recommend a desktop workstation PC or gamer PC that is built for working with 3D modeling software and rendering 3D environments. High-poly 3D mapped environments need sufficient computing resources.

Technical Computer Requirements

Recommended hardware:

  • CPU: Core i7, Core i9, or Xeon Gold series
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX series (900 or higher)
  • RAM: >16GB DDR4
  • HDD: SSD

High Speed Internet Required

  • Minimum*: 60Mbps download, 60Mbps upload
  • Recommend: >100Mbps download, >100Mbps upload

*(Below these speeds Scanifly may work but performance may be greatly reduced)

📘 Not sure of your internet speed?


Browser Recommendation

Google Chrome is the recommend browser.

To increase performance, please turn hardware acceleration on in your Google Chrome advanced settings.

WebGL is hardware-accelerated, so the viewer's performance depends greatly on the machine displaying it. Click here to see if your browser supports WebGL.