Tips, Tricks and Hotkeys

Tips tricks and Hotkeys in Scanifly are the key to a fast and efficient workflow.

Orbit, Pan, and Zoom: Do not stay in a fixed view!

One of the most important things to do while working in Scanifly is to make use of the Orbit, Pan, and Zoom function in order to maximize your use of the 3D environment.

For a refresher on how to Navigate in Scanifly 3D please visit our Navigation in Scanifly3D page

navigate in 3d

Double check roof outline before completing

The key to having a nice roof outline in Scanifly is to make sure the points you are placing for the Segment Outline are in the correct location. Make use of these functions to check your outline before completing it.

If there are any issues with the outline while you are still creating it, you can press the ESC key to go back a step in the outline and correctly place any points that may have been improperly located at first.

esc to undo outlines

If an outline is complete, and you notice a point off of the roof, you need to delete that outline and start over.

Once an outline is completed it is impossible to get the points "back on" the mounting surface.  That is why it is best to make sure your outline points are on the roof before completing an outline.

Shortcut Hotkeys: Keepouts

After placing one keepout manually, you can access the shortcut hotkeys to get a keepout to your mouse automatically instead of clicking back on the corresponding shape over and over.

Box - B (when adjusting the box keepout, tap shift to swap between a perfect square keepout, and a more customizable rectangle keepout)

Circle - C

Poly - P

Line - L

keepout hotkeys

Fire setback

When making a Fire setback, you can use Tab to quickly go through the text boxes for each individual keepout distance.

After clicking on the first setback, just type in the designated keepout amount and hit "Tab" to go to the next keepout text box.

tab fire keepouts


After placing your first viewshed manually, you can place additional viewsheds using the Enter or Space keys without having to click "Add viewshed" each time.

space viewsheds

Box and Stretch: Roof outline Strategy

If you have a particularly difficult roof to outline, potentially a complex flat roof or roof with a tree overhanging, you can use the Box and stretch technique to make the roof outline process much easier.

1. Place a box on the roof surface that you want to outline. 
2. Set the tilt and azimuth. 
3. Adjust yellow segment corners or orange segment midpoints to the point on the roof that you would like to outline.

You will notice with this method, once the points are initially set on the roof using the box, they stay on that plane. That is why you can easily drag them into the corners of the roof without having them fall off.

box method outline

Best Practice: Outline to the Ridge Center

When making roof outlines on adjoining roofs, it is important to make sure the first outline is set to the middle of the ridge. This allows you to easily make the next segment off of those points, for an easier roof outline and crisp CAD Export 

ridge center