What do System Parameters Mean?

What you need to know for calculating your system production appropriately.

☀️ Scanifly uses the exact same production calculations as NREL's PVWatts

The system parameters are variables that are plugged into PVWatts to calculate a pv system's energy production. NREL has developed default values for each, however adjusting the variables to more accurately reflect your system type and the environment it will be subjected to will help improve the system's energy production estimation.

The system parameters can be seen in Scanifly by navigating to the Project Info section when inside Scanifly3D.  Please see the example below.

System Parameters

To learn more about each system parameter, it is best to reference the PVWatts website. Once on the website, click on HELP and a documentation window should appear. Clicking on System Info will expand a list of all the parameters. To find more information about Shading, Snow, Mismatch, Wiring and all the others, click on System Loss Categories.