What is a bounding box?

The 3D model reconstruction area.

Selecting an appropriate bounding box size is an important step when creating your project. The bounding box is the area that Scanifly will attempt to recreate during 3D model processing. Recreating the bounding box area is not guaranteed. Recreation depends a lot on the photos that were taken during the drone flight. Ideally, the bounding box should be placed within the yellow flight path dots, since photos are generally taken looking at a central point.

Bounding box & photo alignment locations

The bounding box does not need to include all of the photo locations. The goal of the bounding box is to define the area that you want to reconstruct. It is best to make sure your entire site and surrounding shading obstructions are reconstructed, to make sure you get the most out of your Scanifly model.

What should you consider when creating your bounding box?

  1. Project Type - customers have subscriptions to Scanifly with allotments of small and large project types. If you select a bounding box for a project type that you have no allotment for then you will be charged an add-on fee. Scanifly does not restrict customers from creating projects outside of their subscription. We want our customers to be able to take on projects without having to seek contract updates from us.
  2. Shape of Model Area - bounding boxes can be shrunk, expanded, rotated and changed from squares to rectangles. Adjusting the size and shape can help you stay within the appropriate project type.Resize BB
  3. Yellow Flight Path Dots - bounding boxes should typically be resized to fit within the yellow flight path dots. Many times residential projects will be smaller the than the default bounding box size for a small project. If this happens, scale the bounding box down to best fit your site's size.
  4. Trees and other obstructions - bounding boxes should include trees or other obstructions that could shade a roof plane you might be planning to design a pv system on. Including these items will help you recreate an accurate 3D representation of the area.