Why is my project taking long to process?

Expectations for Model Processing

Processing Overview

Typically, Scanifly projects take less than a couple hours to process. Commercial or Utility sized projects can take longer given the larger image dataset to process.

While we do our best to ensure projects process in a timely manner, there are a variety of factors that can lead to a project taking longer than normal to process and we will address each project on an individual basis as quickly as we can. 

One of the most common contributors to a longer processing time is incorporating images from our Do not upload these photos to Scanifly list. If you can eliminate these images ahead of time, that will be less work our systems have to do.

I believe my project is delayed. What should I do?

If your project has been processing for over 12 hours, please do the following:
1. Review your images to see if you have any that fall into our Do not upload these photos to Scanifly category, and remove them.
2. Create a new project and use the revised image dataset to initiate a new model processing.
3. Send an email to hello@scanifly.com to let us know of the processing delay. We will investigate on a case by case basis and update you accordingly.